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Do you want to be the LEADER of your own life? 

Do you want less stress, more time and more fulfillment? 

Do you want a more passionate, sexy and optimal life? 

“Let’s work together in creating the passionate life you deserve and desire.”


Feel Your Groove is passionate professional coaching for individuals and organizations that are willing to get their “Groove On” and want to take their life to an optimal level.

Feel Your Groove primarily partners with professional women in discovering their authentic-self, utilizing their unique strengths so they have clarity for their true passion(s). Career moms are super busy and may feel out of sync and may need some assistance to “Feel Their Groove” once again or discover their path if have not yet experienced.


A “Core Energy Coaching” process is utilized which includes an Energy Leadership Assessmenttool which identifies seven levels of energy and if a “shift” is required for positive results, with less effort, in specific identified areas.   “Everyone is a leader by choice or default.” 


We have lots of fun and get creative in building your personalized strategy together. We also determine what barriers are holding you back from greatness and how to eliminate them for your success. We create positive energy that spills over personally and professionally which will move you forward from being potentially “stuck” and allows you to grow in the direction YOU choose.  We assist in turning your dreams and desires into reality.  It is all about YOU!

If you are interested in discovering how you can take your life to an optimal life, it would be a pleasure to provide you with a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION to discuss in greater detail what value can be created for you and if you wish to pursue.  No obligation at all. What do you have to lose?

"Marni helped me discover my true passion and to create a life that honors it.'" - Alisia 

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