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Energy Leadership

«You're responsible for the energy you bring into the world.»


Oprah Winfrey



What is the single most important factor that distinguishes the great leaders from the rest? Which personal quality is most likely to inspire confidence and respect?

The answer to all of these questions is a single word: Energy. However, you need to know how to control energy to make it work for, not against, you.

In Energy Leadership, renowned coach Bruce D Schneider will help you become more aware of your personal power in the world at large. And, he shows you how to become a powerful leader, one who motivates others to reach their true potential.

Following the Energy Leadership program, you'll learn how to recognize the seven distinct levels of energy that are the key to understanding why everyone thinks and acts the way they do. You'll learn how to distinguish truly effective leaders from those who deplete the energy of the people around them and specific techniques you can use to shift the energy levels of the people around you to inspire peak performance.

You'll also become familiar with the Big Four Energy Blocks, learn how to recognize them in yourself and others, and discover proven tools and strategies for overcoming these and other obstacles to success.

If you always try to inspire others but sometimes feel like something's missing, something is. Energy Leadership puts you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them.

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