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Do you Worry?

So I wanted to speak to you today about “Worrying”. It is something each of us does from time to time or more frequently depending on what is weighing on our minds. Do you know what worrying does for us? Absolutely, NOTHING! It is a useless emotion that WE ALLOW to take over sometimes. Now, here’s the thing, we can’t just stop it on a dime, however, the key is to be aware of its happening and stop it in its tracks. The way to do this is to question what is real or not and not live it in the past or future. Focus on present and focus on what you DO HAVE CONTROL OVER. That is YOU with YOUR THOUGHTS that control YOUR FEELINGS and ultimately YOUR ACTIONS. Easier said than done I know! Trust me, I work on it daily and I can share that it does get easier as you kick the worrying dude or chick to the curb. I remember what is in my control and what is not and to be honest it is freeing and I feel relieved that I don’t have to be all, do all and just be the best I can be for myself first and then share the wealth with my family, friends and co-workers and so on.

This was pretty cool, last fall we were going through my husband’s gramma’s homestead and II came across this book! If you know who Dale Carnegie was - he was and his legacy has been about worldwide public speaking and is one of the most powerful still to this day. Now you have to understand he wrote this book in 1944! It was truly surreal to go through this book and see her writing and underlined passages she chose. They were dealing with war and fear on a daily basis. Worry has always been there but Dale and gramma knew there was a better way – truly ahead of their times! So if they could do this with limited resources and support so can we.

Let’s take a moment, breath and truly be grateful for ALL we have in our lives and truly enjoy the pause. This is a new beginning for many great things…..WE GOT THIS!

Coach Marni

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