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Expectations are Brutal!

Welcome to Marni’s Monday Moment.

EXPECTATIONS….what do they mean to you? Do you find yourself attached to them easily? Do you find yourself disappointment more than you ought to be? I know I do!!

I find that the expectations I put on myself and others is unrealistic and unfair at times to be honest. I have always set the bar high for myself and sometimes others and that often leads to disappointment. So what if I just let things flow a little more, didn’t assume, didn’t attach myself to an outcome and just enjoy with “what is” as to what I think it “should be”. “Should” is a dirty word in my vocabulary now and so is “perfectionism” – there is NO such thing….so I will not expect to be or others to be! We all know life is fragile and putting that extra pressure on is heavy and not worth the worry! “Don’t Worry, Be Happy Man.”

So here’s to letting go of expectations, not over thinking, being mindful of the wonderful moments in our lives and to being more chillax! J

Have a great week.

Coach M.

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